Buyer Inspection

Buying a home can be stressful and the risks can be high if you do not know what you are really buying. Be sure the home you are investing in is safe and worth the investment. If you hire me to inspect the home, you can be assured I will perform a throughout home inspection. I am fully trained, certified Real Estate Inspector, and WETT certified for solid fuel burning appliances. Fully insured and use the latest tools available for inspections to confirm my visual findings

A Typical home inspection takes between 1.5 to 4 hours approx.

onsite and another 2 hours to prepare the report when I return to the office. Reports are delivered to you via email in colour PDF format with full digital photos embedded in the report.

If you require a wood or pellet stove to be WETT certified and a separate report to be issued for your insurance company, there is no charge for the first solid fuel burning appliance and a $30 charge for additional appliances plus HST if inspected during the home inspection. Otherwise the cost is $125 plus HST per appliance without home inspection.

I’m a approved Inspector for the Federal Government Integrated Relocation Program with direct billing. (RCMP, Military and Civil Service) through Brookfield. Must have a valid Brookfield GRS number. (example: DND(1 space)201100001 or RCMP201100001 or CI(2 spaces)201100001)

On-site reporting not available. Why?

1) The inspection reports are very detailed and it takes considerable time to prepare the informative narrative type reports produced.
2) In my opinion, check box type of on-site reporting do not give you enough information about the problems observed and usually do not provide adequate advice about what it takes to resolve the issues. The detailed information allows you to make an informed decision to purchase the property or not.
3) Allows time to review all evidence collected on-site and report them to you in professional report.

You Choose the Home Inspector:

It is critical for you, the home buyer to pick the home inspector you wish to hire to ensure there are no conflicts of interest between the Real-Estate agents and the Inspector. I am 100% independent, objective and give you the facts as I view them. I do not pay referral fees to real-estate agents or anyone else included in the transaction and I uphold the strict “Code of Ethics” set by InterNachi.

The Home Inspection process is extremely important and I encourage you to attend the Home Inspection. If you are not able to attend, you will miss out on a crucial part of the inspection process so please make it a point to attend.   Pricing is based on square footage, type of residence, the age of the home and of course the location of the property. Please see the table above for pricing and descriptions. I encourage you to contact me if the job you have does not fit within our pricing structure. I can give you a quote once I receive the details.