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“Thank you for everything. We were lucky to have you for our inspection. I will definitely recommend you to everybody. Thank you for the detailed inspection report and the cost list.”


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“I appreciate the ease of which this report was read, as well as the attached photos, which are extremely helpful.  I will be sure to include you as one of the few inspectors that I will recommend to my clients. It was a pleasure meeting you today and I look forward to working with you again soon!”

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Armour Home Inspection provides the visual evaluation of a house’s condition. We typically provide inspection service to get a clear idea about the condition of a house. Our inspectors not only identify problems but also give you an idea to overcome them. We offer you buyer inspection and also the pre-sale inspection, for the person selling the house along with the one buying the new house.  We here have WETT certification and also highly experienced and certified inspectors working for us. Our inspectors provide you the complete inspection report as soon as possible on the same day as the inspection.

Why Do You Need To Get A Home Inspection?

The main reason to get a home inspection is to get a detailed review on the present condition of your house. These decisions are well informed and sometimes are the buyers from purchasing such houses that can cost them a fortune just on the repairs that are much higher than the actual value of the house. Timely inspection of a house is also important as it will reduce the future risk and also the damages are caught and fixed in its premature state before the advancements.

Merits of Home Inspection

We provide you the most satisfying and accurate report of the condition of your house. Along with the team of all the experts, we provide you detailed information on all the flaws, the damages you need to repair in your house, whether or not it is ideal to buy or sell the house in the present condition. Also, we recommend the best of the professionals who can be contacted to deal with your problems. The companies linked to us are completely trustworthy and to can be relied upon. All of the companies are better known for its efficient and high-class services and enthusiastically recommended by all of its past costumers.

Role of Plumbing Services in Home Inspection

From all the plumbing companies in Toronto, we prefer ThePipeWrenchers because of its top-notch quality services it is referred by Inspector Ryan Ervanowitz, who is also the owner and one of our main inspectors at Armour Home Inspection. The company believes in providing the most efficient, affordable and high-quality services to all its customers and also goes to the depth of every issue at the time of inspection. The plumbers are personally referred by Inspector Ryan Ervanowitz who strictly believes in serving people honestly with the top notch quality services. ThePipeWrenchers team leaves no stone unturned to satisfy its costumers and is highly recommended by all of its costumers for its satisfying and fulfilling services.

Along with inspection they also provide all kind of plumbing services be it a leakage, pipe insulation, re-piping of your home they are the one to be totally relied upon. They offer the most efficient, durable and long-lasting services without giving you any chance to complain. The company is known for its skilled, experienced, trained, hardworking and knowledgeable staff renowned to complete its projects with great competence and grace among all the plumbing companies in Toronto.